Foot Care



You’ve probably had enough of hearing that the feet are a very important part and so it is. Foot care should be a habit in our day to day. And yet, it’s one of those parts of our body that we don’t pay the attention they deserve.

Although the truth is that more and more people, men and women, are betting on using quality shoes. Taking advantage of the incredible footwear industry we have in Spain. When quality is no longer expensive, we are left with no excuses to continue wearing bad footwear.

There is also the following circumstance and in fact, if you are reading this post, this may be your case. You take care of your feet using the right footwear. But you don’t worry about paying attention to them during the fall and winter.

When spring arrives and seeing that summer is approaching, you look at your feet and realize that you have ignored them completely for more than half a year and the time of the sandals has almost arrived. What do you say, have we approached?

But don’t worry and don’t get overwhelmed. It’s a widespread problem. It’s not just you, and that’s why, because of the number of people who need it, we’ve decided to write this detailed article. Where we tell you everything we know about foot care and we give you the keys to have smooth and perfect feet. As well as practical solutions to the most common foot problems.


Having beautiful feet is not complicated. You just need to dedicate some time to them. And above all, include them in your usual routines and beauty treatments.

We begin with some guidelines for foot care, preventive and maintenance. You can do them at home without any problem:


  • Wash your feet every day. The usual rush adds to the false feeling that we usually have that the water and soap that fall on our feet while we shower is enough. Of course, it’s not. Wash them daily. Preferably with neutral soap and do not forget that they need as much pampering as you give your hands.
  • Give yourself a moment of relaxation with a relaxing bath for your feet. Prepare hot water and add coarse salt, essential salts, apple vinegar or baking soda for example. You’ll enjoy a fantastic feeling of well-being almost instantly and your feet and legs will thank you for it. A ritual that will help to reduce the accumulated tension, perfect also to promote proper circulation. Remember not to have your feet in the water for more than half an hour.
  • Don’t forget to dry your feet well after the shower or your anti-stress foot bath. In the same way that many times we do not stop to wash this part of our body as we should, even less do we stop to remove ourselves correctly. And yet, this is one of the most important tips we are going to give you today. Dry your feet very well. And above all, it dries the spaces between your toes very well. The safest way to avoid the appearance of fungus and avoid its annoying symptoms and consequences.
  • Eliminate the hardness frequently using pumice stone or a special sandpaper for feet. It is important to “attack” the painful and unsightly corns and calluses when the skin is soft, so we always do after the shower or having had your feet in warm water for about 15 or 20 minutes.

We continue to review our list of tips for perfect feet.

  • Don’t forget to hydrate your feet as often as possible. The skin is more elastic and resilient when it is more hydrated. And in this case, keeping your feet moisturised means providing them with an extraordinary barrier against skin infections, corns and calluses.
  • However, avoid applying cream to your feet during the day. If you immediately put on your shoes and/or socks, your skin will not absorb the cream correctly. And it will create a humid environment inside the footwear. Nothing recommended for the feet or to achieve the effect we are looking for.
  • Do you like massages? Well, your feet too! The feet are the base on which our whole body rests, with the consequent daily wear and tear, and are also the continent of a good number of nerve endings. Investing some time in a foot massage and doing it regularly can bring numerous benefits such as improving circulation, promote sleep, reduce the symptom of tired legs or relieve pain and fatigue of the neck and back, among many other advantages.
  • Try to massage your feet daily, before going to sleep, using moisturizing cream and applying it with soft circular movements. Introduce this simple gesture into your daily routine and you will soon notice the results.
  • And although we tend to think that pedicure and manicure are merely aesthetic concepts, the truth is that foot care requires proper nail care. Both hands and feet are very important gestures to keep these parts of our body healthy and perfect. Therefore, if you want to have really nice feet, file your nails carefully, straight. To avoid irregular peaks that can lead to painful ingrown toenails.

After these tips on foot care at home, in a few simple gestures, we think you’ll find it very useful to know other tips to prevent the most common foot problems. Take note!


Protect your feet from the cold of winter by wearing appropriate footwear. Preferably with rubber soles, with greater insulating capacity than other materials. And avoid the temptation to bring your frozen feet closer to sources of intense heat. Such as a radiator, stove or fireplace.

Let your feet gradually regain their natural temperature. Similarly, if your feet feel cold at night, it’s best to sleep in socks so your foot can warm itself. By means of your own body heat and not artificially by contact with an electric blanket or a hot water bottle.

Bet on quality materials and offers your feet the habitat they deserve. You can choose to use socks made with natural fibers. Like cotton, instead of inclining to use synthetic materials that often obstruct the proper transpiration of the feet.

We also recommend using quality footwear and natural materials such as leather. Leather shoes are more flexible, adaptable and resistant than synthetic shoes. And like cotton, your feet will perspire much better if you wear the right footwear.

Choose a shoe that’s right for you. Not all people are the same, nor are our feet. The same footwear that is comfortable for one person can be uncomfortable and even unbearable for another. However, there are common points that we should all take into account when choosing footwear. How to make sure the shoe fits like a glove on our foot, without squeezing or suffocating it.