Which bed is the best for a good sleep?

Which bed is the best for a good sleep?

All people around the world have one thing in common – no matter how old they are, what country they come from or what kind of work they do: they need to sleep.

It is, so to speak, in the cradle of man to sleep every night. What is still very easy for most babies is often increasingly difficult for adults later on. How can the right bed ensure that we get the restful sleep we so urgently need?

The right bed for everyone

As you make your bed, you must lie on it. According to this general assumption, an underlay that is perfectly adapted to the sleeper is crucial for a good sleep. Everyone needs a different underlay, and many bed manufacturers have adapted to this.

The boxspring world, for example, has specialised in selling highly individual beds that meet the respective needs of the customers. The individually decisive criteria are not only external features, but also certain functions:

  • Which mattress with which degree of hardness is ideal?
  • Which materials are most compatible? (Are there incompatibilities?)
  • How warm should it be in bed?
  • How wide and how high should the bed be?

Every person has a different sleeping behavior. While some people always sleep with the window open, many prefer to sleep snugly warm.

One type of sleeper rolls wildly to and fro at night and therefore needs a bed that is as wide as possible, another needs allergen-free materials.

With advancing age, personal needs also change. Young people do not have as many demands on the perfect bed as they do at an advanced age.

Actually, the formula is simple: the right bed should be such that the owner can get up in the morning rested and rested without tension.

All in all, the most important thing is always the individual adaptability of the respective system to one’s own needs, regardless of whether one chooses a waterbed, a box spring bed, a bed with slatted frame, a bed with gel mattress or any other variant.

The feel-good aspect should not be neglected either. A beautiful bed that is also visually convincing will in any case contribute to the fact that we like to go to sleep.

Soothing colors and structures support for the moment of relaxation and letting go.

Pleasant, natural and allergen-free materials on the skin and in bed also contribute to a sense of well-being. The whole organism benefits from having a good relationship with our bed.

Modern sleep disorders and the right bed environment
The right bed is the bed in which you like to sleep well – when you can sleep.

Nowadays, many people have great problems to find peace and quiet and to fall asleep or sleep through the night.

Today’s sleep disorders are partly due to our life circumstances, but also to personal dispositions. The better we know about it, the easier it is for us to counteract sleep disorders.

For a restful sleep not only a good bed is necessary, but also the right living environment.

The bed as a place where we spend a third of our lives should be a place of well-being where we like to go. Ideally, this environment should be free of junk and well ventilated.

It is also recommended not to sleep near electrical appliances in stand-by mode, mobile phones or charging stations.

The resulting electrosmog in the bedroom considerably disturbs the human body through its radiation frequency. The constant accessibility via mobile phone or the use of social media even while still in bed increases the stress level.

We are used to being constantly available, which causes problems when switching off. How about trying out an evening routine without a mobile phone, PC or television?

Little exercise, a lot of time indoors and physical imbalance leads to a state of stress. The good old walk is an easy way to get some exercise in the fresh air and take your mind off things.

Our sleep is a complex process that has still not been fully researched. Among other things, it is a complicated interplay of a fixed sequence of sleep phases, the release of hormones and a synchronization of our brain functions.

Good sleep is the best prerequisite for an intact immune system and a healthy psyche. A really good bed contributes to this in any case.


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