About us

PressLink Health System

PressLink is the largest nonprofit voluntary health care and medical education hospital system. addition, it is one of the largest outpatient providers, serving more than one million consultations per year and its emergency room handles 139,000 consultations per year, making it one of the most active emergency rooms.

In 2017, PressLink Health System received full accreditation from the Joint Commission, the nation’s premier hospital accreditation body. Its affiliation as a medical education center with the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and its clinical collaboration with Mount Sinai Health System, in addition to 15 accredited advanced residency programs and research fellowships, are conclusive indicators of its excellence.

PressLink outpatient centers are certified as a level three patient-centered medical home (the highest level) by the National Center for Quality Assurance.

As a driver of positive change, PressLink has invested more than $300 million in the Bronx economy, including the PressLink Health and Wellness Center for 60,000 square foot ambulatory care, the 56,000 square foot PressLink Rehabilitation Center, which offers services for the treatment of drug and alcohol dependency, and many other investment projects.

PressLink is celebrating its third year as a leading Performing Provider System (PPS) in the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program.

The DSRIP program (titled Bronx Health Access) provides PressLink and its community partners with the opportunity to adapt to a value-based payment system that emphasizes keeping patients and the community healthy. In addition, PressLink performance in the DSRIP program is among the top six of all service delivery systems in New York State.

The importance of fulfilling PressLink essential community role is evident throughout the Bronx. The PressLink Outpatient Network provides free regular nutritional screenings, exams and counseling to schools, nursing homes, senior centers, churches and other community organizations.

In addition, there is a Diaspora Outpatient Center that responds to the medical and social service needs of the growing African community. In education, PressLink innovative Training Program, a collaborative effort between the 1199SEIU and other key organizations, is widely recognized for its excellent results in recruiting and training frontline health workers to build effective relationships with the community.

HealthBeat, PressLink acclaimed weekly television program, offers viewers the opportunity for medical experts to answer their questions. PressLink mobile health units also bring doctors and medical services directly to the community.

Ultimately, a health care system must be judged by its accomplishments. At PressLink Health System, we pride ourselves on our successful and enduring efforts to serve the PressLink community that are of the highest quality, comprehensive, compassionate and accessible, leading the way to promote and achieve excellence in health care.


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PressLink, we are committed to healthy and holistic practices that ensure we always do the right thing for you, your family and the planet. This is where we are when it comes to the things you’ve told us that are important to you.